Marathon Gasolines with STP Additives

Marathon Brand Gasolines


Marathon gasoline is certified Top Tier™, providing a higher level of STP® detergent additive for an even greater cleaning power. Marathon gasoline fights the accumulation of harmful deposits and improves the performance of your vehicle's engine.

Optimizes Fuel Economy.

Deposits in engines can reduce fuel economy. Compared to gasolines using only the minimum Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) required dose of detergent additives, Marathon gasolines with STP® additives can increase fuel efficiency by improving the cleanliness of an engine’s intake valves.

Removes deposit buildup.

Marathon gasolines with STP® additives provide deposit control detergents that remove the buildup of performance-robbing deposits. Marathon gasolines are specifically formulated to help maintain engine cleanliness, therefore, improve engine quality.

Reduces emissions.

By keeping intake valves clean, engines have fewer deposits, which can lower harmful emissions like nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, and carbon monoxide in engine exhaust. Marathon gasolines with STP® additives clean engine intake valves and reduce emissions.

Restores lost power.

Marathon gasolines with STP® additives can remove deposits in your engine’s intake valves. Lower quality gasolines have the potential to leave more deposits, which will have a negative impact on your vehicle’s performance. A cleaner engine will keep your vehicle running its best.

Compared to gasolines containing the lowest additive concentration required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, pursuant to 40 CFR Part 80 and Section 211 (1) of the Clean Air Act.